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'Care Packages' in a Backpack

PACKAGES of PURPOSE became a reality after I was driving with my kids in the city one afternoon. We were on our way to church and we usually remembered to have spare change and snacks in case we came across someone in need. On this day, it was really hot and I had forgotten change and anything for snacks, but had a smoothie that had not been opened. A homeless man approached us at a light and he was so thirsty and ould not seem to escape the heat. I told him all I had was a smoothie and he could have it if he wanted it, and warned him it was Kale. He happily accepted and in that moment the need for our Packages was born.

I thought of all the kinds of unhealthy foods they must be given, and when your body is malnourished, how can they eat and even feel okay after. There is such a need for love and kindness in the world and there are so many ways that we can help others and make a positive difference. I then set out to take a look at what we would include, where and how we would distribute and who would be our partners in this adventure. Those who receive these need to be able to manage them and reuse any food and beverage storage both in a sanitary way but also a very easy way. So we got our plan into motion and we are officially launching our line in Sept 2021. We are excited to see how this will brighten someone's day and create a community of 'paying it forward.'

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