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We had a vision one day as our team leader was driving, and while stopped at a red light she was approached by a homeless man who needed change for food. She carried snack items and change every time she left the house for this reason. One day it became clear that it was time to design a backpack that held the 'essentials' for those in need. It has developed over time and we are very excited to see it launch! Inside each backpack is a note pad so you can leave the person you are gifting the pack to as a way to bring some human connection to them. We have evolved to include kid backpacks for when they are taken out of an unsafe environment and pet backpacks for shelters. 

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Interested in customizing your own backpack? 

We would love to hear from you and customize your backpack! Drop us a line and send us your 'ideal' backpack and we will work to bring your vision to life! 

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